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Post by Ghost on Sat Dec 04, 2010 5:52 pm

I like being alone i suppose ive got used to it over the years of being bullied and stuff and so i have found it hard well more than hard to make friends where i live .. And even when i have made friends where i live i never seem to be friends with them very long .. Which is fine i guess at my age everyone is into nightclubbing and drinking and partying etc .. Where a would rather curl up and watch a movie

I find social interaction really hard i never really no what to say or do .. so this in tales me being really quite and shy and when people do talk to me i tend to stutter and stumble my words .. (then i get funny looks so i stop talking).. which is fine because i just stop going out

I went to a nightclub once with a few people and i found it a bit werid ? just attempting to dance and having a few drinks all in the name of fun .. well for one i cant dance and i hardly ever drink so to me seemed like a pointless exerise (Yes i no im werid =|)

But theres something i dont no if *wrong* is the right word but at times i feel really empty and lonelyy.. because i never do what *everyone esle does* go out and have a good time , party etc blah blah .. im not jealous of people doing it .. i kinda feel like im missing out on life.. Most 18 year olds are out with there friends at christmas laughing and having fun .. where as im inside just watching telly and trying to curb the pain of my ED

Ive never had a proper girlfriend so i question myself am i good enough ? will i ever get one or am i just not the right kinda guy who does have girlfriends etc

Am i good enough ?

Sorry if this makes no sense =/
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Post by Beth@admin on Sun Dec 05, 2010 4:52 am

You don't need to ask if you are good enough, everyone is good enough in their own little way, people have their own way of doing things and some people don't enjoy things that other people their age do, and because of what you are going through that is understandable! Smile
There are lots of people that don't go out partying, which is good really, you save your money up Razz
I would rather curl up and watch a movie too instead of going out I love you
I am really quiet and shy too in person, and i too find it hard to socialise with people, this is because of what you have gone through, because of the bullying you had to put up with, this has lowered your confidence and this is why you question if you are good enough, am i right? Razz
This is what its like for me anyway, and for a lot of other people too that have been through bullying Rolling Eyes
Bullying has such a massive effect on people's lives Sad
You could try building your confidence, by doing little things, and believe me i know how hard this is Sad
But i know you can do it! You are so strong Like a Star @ heaven
Love Beth I love you
REMEMBER: You are always good enough!
x x x x

[center]You leave a lot when everyone changes and leave you alone
You shoudn't change for other people, stay yourself and people will like you for who you really are! Like a Star @ heaven

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To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping! I love you

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I am too cool for school!

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Post by Katy@buddy on Sun Dec 05, 2010 5:21 am

I agree with Beth, you dont need to worry about if you are good enough, everyone is in their own way. Everyone is special and their own unique person dont worry about anything

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I just ♥ posting!

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Post by Stu on Sun Dec 12, 2010 12:02 pm

O.K. This may not be about bullying it ticks all the boxes for many problems....... My advice would be go to doctor and just tell him how you feel. This would be confidential of course. He is someone you can trust, and I'm sure he will be able to pinpoint exactly whats wrong If he is unsure he can also send you to other people to help you out. You can ask for a female to if you don't feel up to talking with a man.

Now I8 is no age to worry about fitting in. We all get moments like this........ And I'll put my hand up.. I hate dancing to! It makes me feel, uncomfortable, especially if you are self-conscious. When U find the person that's right for you..... Your life will change dramatically.... Your confidence will grow and trust will enable you to do things..... That you think is impossible at the moment! Don't worry about finding them,... They will find you usually when you LEAST expect it! Very Happy Life is a puzzle... we are all different. Some times we need help to put things together...... Wink

Posting this is a wonderful start! It took courage to open up to others.... I really hope my advice helps you! If it doesn't please let me know.....

Luv n' best wishes....

I just ♥ posting!
I just ♥ posting!

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