I know what it feels like..

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I know what it feels like.. Empty I know what it feels like..

Just writing this so that people know they are not alone and that i will understand what they are going through:
Well.. I have been though a lot! And i know how hard things can be! I know what its like to not want to be here and what its like to have eating problems and lots of other problems..
I spent all of my years in high school being bullied and now i spend most of my time helping people because thats what i love doing! And also editing the site obviously to make it better Razz
But i really can understand any problems you may have.. if i havn't had the problem myself then i know a friend that has been in that situation.
Oh something else i wanted to say.. i know what its like to be 'used' by friends, that has happened to me so many times! And now i just don't bother with the people that treat me in a wrong way, i just stop talking to them and soon they should realise they have done something wrong.
I really hate being treated horribly by people who are supposed to be my friends so i just leave them to live their own lives, they can't come crawling back to me because i wont be waiting for them, i will of moved on Smile I do have some other amazing friends though who treat me perfectly Very Happy
I am here to help you as much as i can Smile
Love Beth I love you
Remember if you want a chat you can always PM me
x x x x

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I am too cool for school!
I am too cool for school!

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I know what it feels like.. :: Comments


Post on Thu Nov 25, 2010 12:15 pm by Stu

Sometimes friends dont tell you things because it's personal and sometimes because they think so much of you they don't want you to worry... Some might even forget? I am not perfect and I dont know anyone who is. The thing is love is often unconditional....... You need to be able to except people as they are, faults n all.

Luv n stuff Stu.

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Post on Sun Nov 28, 2010 7:48 am by JustAGirl

Thankyou Beth its good to know that we are not alone, thats all some people need to know!
Its also good to see that you have got through some tough stuff, this gives people strength!
Thanks so much x

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