Surpised by the Intensity of my Emotions.

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Surpised by the Intensity of my Emotions. Empty Surpised by the Intensity of my Emotions.

Post by Stu on Wed Nov 24, 2010 6:06 am

Hi all I do lots of work with people who are Very ill and I am shocked by the ignorance of others working with them. A few weeeeks ago I became very unwell without any obvious cause. I class myself as a strong person, a solid rock to many. But for no reason I could not stop crying.... I lost my abilty to feel emotions, and I became Suicidal. The speed of this was so fast... It was scarey. I used all the methods I say to others in this condition but it was useless. My feelings to end it all were so strong... I'm pleased to say my attempts failed, but I now fully understand the importance of reaching out and sharing...

I'm not proud of what I went through. It was horrific... I can say hand on heart. I never want to feel that way again..... If you do get into this state I, and many others on this site can help you.....

Please don't suffer in silence. Because you dont need to. The people on this site can help you. I really apreciate the service this site can offer. I will do everything I can to make sure it suceeds..... Because each and every one of you has so much to offer. You are all very important.

This countries aproach to mental health stinks. Massive cutbacks mean that vital services WILL be removed.... Only by changing the way we now deal with the mentally ill can a change occur... For that to happen, we need the youngsters to change the way we all think about Mental Health problems and to educate others.

The Facts are Simple. Each and every one of us WILL know a person that will need help.

We need each other to support and to spread the word. So PLEASE tell others about this site. Its a fun place but it also has important information. That one day you might need. Please think about this.......

Best Wishes to all involved.

I just ♥ posting!
I just ♥ posting!

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Surpised by the Intensity of my Emotions. Empty Re: Surpised by the Intensity of my Emotions.

Post by Katy@buddy on Fri Dec 10, 2010 10:07 am

WOW thats a lot of information!
Thanks though x

I just ♥ posting!
I just ♥ posting!

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