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What is abortion?
An abortion is a way of ending an unwanted pregnancy.

There are different methods. The one you get depends on:
• how long you've been pregnant
• what's available in your district
• your preference
You may be able to take pills to bring on an abortion or you could have a simple surgical procedure. Usually you're back home the same day. 90% of abortions are carried out before 13 weeks of pregnancy. If you are further on, simple techniques may not be possible; you may have to stay longer in hospital. So the earlier you know, the more choices you have and the easier things will be.

Are abortions safe?
Abortion isn't entirely risk-free. But it's definitely safer for your body than having a baby. The safest abortions are the early ones (under 13 weeks). Early abortion will not affect your chances of having a baby in future.

Is abortion morally right?
This is the difficult bit. Some people know immediately what to do when they get pregnant. For others, it's a confusing, scary time. Many people have strong views on abortion. But it's your life, your body, your decision and your right to request one.

What does the law say on abortion?
Up to the 24th week of pregnancy an abortion is legal, with the agreement of two doctors. It is not legal in Northern Ireland, except under exceptional circumstances.

If you're under 16, you needn't tell your parents if both doctors believe you fully understand everything involved. The docs won't tell your parents (although they may encourage you to do so) unless they believe you're in danger.

What if I can't decide?
Many women talk things through with their family or friends first. Or maybe you'd prefer to talk to an expert: someone who has all the facts, won't tell anyone and helps you make your own decision. Your doctor can refer you to a counsellor and most women find this very helpful.

What about the father?
It's up to you whether you tell him or involve him. You don't need his knowledge or agreement to get an abortion.

How do I get an abortion?
Go to your GP or local sexual health centre. A (very) few doctors don't agree with abortion, but they are duty bound to refer you to someone who does, without delay. They will arrange for you to be seen in a special clinic, usually fairly quickly, at your local hospital.

Is abortion free?
The majority of abortions are free, done on the NHS. In a few areas the NHS may not pay for all abortions. If you go private, you can expect to pay around £400 for an early pregnancy abortion.

I'm scared
You wouldn't be human if you weren't. And all those questions, prying and prodding... it's enough to put anyone off. It isn't going to be easy. But be brave. No professional you meet will judge or lecture you. They are on your side.

What next?
You may feel relieved, sad or a bit of both. You'll never forget the abortion, but many women do not regret getting one either. If you need to talk to someone, counsellors are there for afterwards also

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