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What is it?
Something you use to stop you getting pregnant when you have sex.

What are my options?
• Condoms
•The Pill
• Diaphragms and caps
• IUD (Inter-Uterine Device)
• Contraceptive injections and implants
• Natural (or rhythm) contraception

Condoms are your best bet for protection against Sexually Transmitted Infections.
The male condom is a thin sheath of latex rubber or polyurethane that fits over a boy's erect penis. The female condom is made of polyurethane and loosely lines the girl’s vagina. They block sperm from getting into the girl’s vagina to stop her getting pregnant.
95-98% effective

The Pill
The Pill is a tablet taken by a woman usually so that she can have sex without getting pregnant. Full details are in our Pill factfile.
Over 99% effective

Diaphragms (pronounced 'dy-a-fram') and caps
Diaphragms are rubbery dish-shaped things to be inserted into the vagina. Caps are smaller versions.
They fit over the cervix (entrance to the womb) blocking sperm. You use a spermicidal cream or gel too. If you want one, see your GP or family planning clinic who’ll show you how to insert one, which you'll use every time you have sex.
92-96% effective

IUD (Inter-Uterine Device)
Also called a coil, this tiny plastic or copper device is inserted inside the womb. It stops eggs from sticking, which prevents pregnancy. It can make periods heavier and more painful. It has to be inserted by a trained doctor. But once it is in, that’s it for 5 years - you don’t have to think about contraception every day.
Also a form of emergency contraception.
98% effective

Contraceptive injections and implants
These work in a similar way to the progesterone-only Pill. With the injection, the hormone progesterone is injected into a woman’s body and protects her from pregnancy for 8-12 weeks.
With implants, a tiny tube containing progesterone is placed under the skin of the woman’s arm, protecting her for three years.
More than 99% effective

Natural (or rhythm) contraception
A woman only has sex on days she is less likely to get pregnant. She works this out with a diary of her menstrual cycle and taking her temperature.
Some people mistakenly think withdrawal - removing the penis before ejaculation (coming) - is a method of contraception.
But it’s extremely unreliable as sperm are often released before ejaculation.
It’s not reliable and isn’t recommended for young people.

REMEMBER: It's against the law in the UK to have sex if you’re under 16.
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