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Post by ForumAdmin on Sat Oct 09, 2010 3:44 am

Teen Support 4 You- Forum Rules

  • Please do not give out personal information- Things like MSN Addresses, Telephone/Mobile numbers...Remember you don't know who you could be talking to!

  • Please do not be a bully- We all know bullying is not nice, and we wouldn't like to be a victim of it!

  • Please be respectful, considerate and polite when writing a forum post or a reply- remember people are going through a rough time, and use our forums for support and advice.

  • Please do not spam- This means writing exessive numerals (numbers) and lettering.

  • Please post in the appropriate forums provided. Use the 'Suggestions' forum if you would like us to add another forum that you think we have missed!

  • Please do not post links to other websites- This includes things such as Youtube, Facebook, MSN links.

  • Please do not write any explicit innapropriate things. If it regards Sex & Relationships, please use the forums provided.

[list][*] If you see anything that goes against our rules please report it to a Moderator via PM or email us at: It will be dealt with as soon as possible.

If we encounter anybody misusing our forums this would result into 1 warning, or temporary ban depending on the case. If further misuse a Permanent ban will be issued.
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Crazy as a donkey!

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